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BUCKET TRAP APS Bucket traps are specially designed according to the flight behavior of coconut pests Red palm weevil and Rhinocerous beetle. This trap is a 5 liter polypropylene bucket with two rectangular windows below the rim of the bucket. It has a lid with a pheromone holder at the lower side to hold pheromone and kairomone dispensers. The outer surface of the bucket trap is rough with small projetions to help the weevils cling to the trap and enter. The color of the bucket trap also is selected based on the maximum catch rates towards brick red color..

Physical dimensions fo the trap:
Bucket height:
Bucket mouth dia
Bucket base dia
Bucket lid dia
Approx weight
Color: Brick red
No of windows: 2 rectacngular
Color: Yellow for whitefly, leafminer, aphid and fruit fly & Blue for thrips
Target Pest:
Rhynchophorus ferrugineus,
Oryctes rhinoceros

Try to place the traps in borders so as to attract them away from palms. 1. Never tie the bucket traps to palm trunks 2. If the traps are placed near young palms the palms are to be treated with insecticides as prophylactic measure. 3. The bucket is to serviced once a week. The water level should be maintained in the bucket. 4. If the trap catch is nil then the lures can be taken back and then use when necessary.